Why School-Alarm


Your Search for Good School Management Software will end here.

With the advent of technology, educational world has also become hugely dependent upon several technological solutions. Just because of this condition, it has become vital for every school or college to use latest inventions to match steps with counterparts. Keeping this requirement in mind, brilliant technical minds configured system-friendly school management system - School-Alarm.

The sole purpose of School-Alarm is to help all universities and schools to maintain all data in a safe & secure manner as they can focus more on students' growth and development. To provide a problem free solution, experts carried out extensive research while keeping every requirement in mind. With the help of this modern platform, administration can manage records of all activities and happenings as well as can use this data to improve the efficacy and performance of the system. As a matter of fact, this software exemplifies the perfect team work or innovation and intelligence in a true sense. Actually, it is designed to change the way universities and schools function.

"Let Management Function Well"

School-Alarm is not less than a personal assistant in any way. Like PA, it gives immediate response on your every command. In addition, it helps to interact with any student, teacher or staff member. Actually, it keeps you connected to every person who is directly or indirectly related to the school or administration.

"School-Alarm helps in an effective manner to make most of the available resources while keeping you away of all kinds of confusions."

School-Alarm does only not make it easy to keep all the records related to the school or college but also proves extremely helpful to witness the huge transformation in administration. Indeed, it helps to keep eagle eye watch on every activity without maintaining the hoard of files & folders.

Highlights of Management Module

  • Notes & assignments
  • Time table
  • Academic
  • Payroll
  • Transport
  • Hostel
  • Examinations
  • Fee management
  • Library management
  • Account management
  • Staff/ faculty management
  • Online Fee Payment

"Makes Teacher Accountable"

Obviously, teachers are equally responsible for the good grades of students. So, it is quite clear they essentially have to be responsible about their duties. To check their activities and behavior towards students, School-Alarm proves the finest tools. In addition, this software helps to know the background and achievements of teachers. One of the extremely helpful features of this software is it also allows students to submit their report about teachers and management.

School-Alarm proves an excellent tool for everybody like teachers, students, administration as everybody gets the chance to put their feedback without any restriction. Due to this finest feature, management comes to know about the grievances of every one.

School-Alarm boasts a wide range of advantages which are given below:

  • Computerized attendance for everybody including students, teachers and management
  • Online marks and grades
  • Online timetable and schedule for extra classes
  • Notification for homework
  • Access to own as well as students attendance
  • Let communicate effectively with everybody
  • Access to forum for parents and teachers
  • Access to forum for parents and teachers
  • Better management for all school related operations

On School-Alarm, teachers just need to log on their accounts to get the latest updates upon students' attendance and their progress etc. To discuss any issue with parents, they can also set communication link with the Parents/Guardians within few seconds. This excellent feature reduces workload on teachers to make them more efficient in their duties. Besides, they find it extremely convenient when it comes to make future plans for the better future of children.

"Helps to keep watch on your children progress"

With few clicks of mouse, School-Alarm provides detailed information about the progress of your children. Besides, it makes it quite easy for teachers and management to communicate with each other in quick time. "Parent Module" is especially designed to know their expectation as administration can take required steps to satisfy them. Parent/Guardian, with busy schedule, likes this amenity very much as it let check everything within few minutes while working on routine tasks.

School-Alarm provides the dedicated account for Parent/Guardian section. After logging into account, parents can check detailed reports about attendance and other activities in few minutes. Besides, they can check timetable, exam schedule and other updates without any difficulty.

Certainly, this software acts as a perfect link between Parents/Guardians and school administration. As a matter of fact, elders can get in touch with teachers on immediate basis.

Some excellent features of School-Alarm are as follows:

  • Disturbance free communication with teachers
  • Immediate update on children attendance, fee payment, progress report, etc.
  • Information about holidays, seminars, functions and other events
  • Helps to participate in different kinds of school activities
  • Notification about homework
  • Systematic and instant updates from discussion forums, articles, messaging system and image gallery

School-Alarm proves of great use to get the details of children on immediate basis while they study in classroom. Additionally, Parents/Guardian remains updated about all kinds of events, educational trips, holidays, parents-teachers meeting and many others. All these features help to keep children protected against every kind of hassle and difficulty.

"School-Alarm enables students to perform phenomenally"

To fetch the expected results in academics, students must need to keep track of the plans, assignments, syllabus, important dates and many others. To carry out this exercise in a hassle free way, School-Alarm provides a better platform. Furthermore, this software helps them to take the right action at appropriate time.

While following some easy commands over School-Alarm, students can check the entire record about their assignments, important dates, exam schedule and many others. This feature proves of great use to them as they easily find their true potential and talent to get success in life.

Students are the main benefactors of School-Alarm- the school management system. Main points of this new age tool are:

  • Improved communication
  • Instant access to timetable, grades, attendance, marks and examination schedule
  • Easy reach to library and reference books
  • Regulate and track self-progress
  • Easy submission of homework
  • Freedom to post articles, opinions and take part in group discussion
  • Notification about school holidays and upcoming events
  • A perfect tool between student and teacher

"Helps to keep organization punctual"

This earnestly programmed software makes everything quite easy for HR Department of school and college. Due to this nice feature, administration comes to know about all the loopholes to rectify them on immediate basis and make everybody accountable towards its responsibilities and behavior. It simply means clients can assure themselves of playing a significant role in the growth and development of the school or college.

Inter and intra management activities

With the help of our software, you can manage every school related issue or activity from one place at convenient time.

School-Alarm certainly meets the needs of those who like to manage every issue related to
the management or administration with perfection.

None of the school related activities or updates remains out of your reach if you are availing the services of our software. We announce this on the basis of thousands of satisfied clients who find it better to tackle every problem in a problem free way.

A large array of features of School-Alarm helps to provide the finest link for communication among students, parents, staff members, administration, teachers and other related entities.

Web-based Software

This web-based software runs online. Therefore, it does not require anything additional to function.

Access to logging in

This nicely configured software allows multiple logins for students, parents, teachers and admin. Nevertheless, admin regulates every activity to maintain its efficacy and usefulness.


By making small changes in the settings, you can add or delete anything without any trouble.


This software phenomenally serves everybody with easy to use functions and features. It is simple and easy to the extent that a person even without technical knowledge can operate easily.

Data security

All your entries remain safe & secure with this software as it does not allow strangers to make any change.

Use of server

It is designed in a way that either you can use your own server or hosted server. All depends on your convenience.

24/7 support services

Our customer support system runs round the clock. So, you can reach us anytime over phone.