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School Alarm Journey

Launched in 2012, School Alarm provides an end- to- end pall operation result for educational institutions. Completely lined with Google G- Suite, LMS, and colorful other systems, our comprehensive ERP platform meets all of the educational institution’s demands via a variety of capabilities. Our ERP software also helps make strong communication and collaboration channels with preceptors, scholars, parents, campaigners. Since its launch, 500 educational institutions have been using this software to manage admissions, enrollment , timetabling, academic, literacy, finance, payments, transportation, and library operations effectively. School Alarm ERP software is used by utmost of the reputed educational institutes in 20 state in India.


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A perfect academy operation software has speed, security, delicacy, and a wide range of functions and modules. further than 500 seminaries around the country calculate on our comprehensive product and exceptional service

Our School Alarm ERP software uses pall computing to store data that can be penetrated at any time. Also, data backup is automated, so data recovery isn't an issue. Save and keep data on decentralized databases doesn't guarantee data security or recovery. Our academy ERP system uses the pall to store data, saving time and furnishing advantages like responsibility, portability, backup, and high speed