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Timetable Management Software

Online Timetable Management Software

Organization without effective timetable interrupts teaching and learning environment. School-Alarm, from the sigh of management software have come up with imperious objective of managing timetables at school, colleges. Our superior technology reaches the core necessity of the organization and hence, offer instant solution to timetable management through online mode.

The Requirement

Meeting the needs of organization the software has also made the task tranquil for students and parents. They can now pack their child's bag as per the timetable received through SMS or updated on online portal. Change in timetable is most likely to be updated by the administrator.

For teachers, the software is none less than a miracle. Managing each individual class and keeping note of periods and lectures sound as grandmother's tales. Teachers are now sent notifications regarding classes and lectures. Change in schedule is also notified.


Teachers Timetable - Daily/ weekly timetable display and updates

Master Timetable - Display specific timetable for particular day

Teachers Availability - Shows when teacher is busy for the entire week or particular day

Class-wise Lectures - Displays lectures to be conducted in each class

Subject-wise Lectures - Displays lectures to be conducted on each subject in each class

Teacher's Weekly Period - For number of classes and lectures to be taken by teachers in a week

Incharge - Details of incharge for each class

Assignments - Class wise and subject wise assignment details both for teachers and students

Customary Features

Interface - Friendly to the users

Function - Result oriented functionality

Tool - Advanced and powerful reports tools

Software – Upgraded global software standards

Savings - Saves time and energy

Devices - To be accessed from computer and mobile phones

Support - 24X7 Online support


Lectures for more than 10 subjects are delivered in a school or college every day. Managing lectures for each class for each subject is not as easy as pie. The same is the situation for students when they have to carry over heap of books and notebooks in a bag. Scenario is even pathetic when lecture is cancelled or is replaced while students are still unaware. School-Alarm Timetable Management benefits you in number of ways such as –

For School and Teachers –

  • Better Class management
  • Brings Innovation and Productivity
  • Easy Calculation of Working Days
  • Easy Allotment of Work
  • Daily substitution for Teachers Absent or on Leave

For Parents and Students –

  • Daily Updated Timetable
  • Prepared for Substituted Lectures
  • Update with Classes and Concerned Teachers

The software delivers whole lot convenience and is designed to meet the requirements of CBSE/ ICSE/ KVS and State Boards. Our timetable management software can also be deployed even when working with other timetable software.