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Web Based student-management System

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Student Management Software

Had been a time when teachers and administrators used to boggle up their minds in scheduling the activities of each student. Now, 90% of the stress has been sorted out with active launch of School-Alarm Student Management Software, specifically designed for kindergartens and schools' students. Managing students' attendance, performance record, gradebooks and results, fee management and other undertakings on individual or group basis is now tranquil.

How it Works

Institutions with large number of students may face difficulty in maintain the records on sheets, notebooks and even in a worthy, expensive organizers. Some may also save data in the system, however, corrupting which the data is completely erased and vanished from the records. Hence, here are few tips how School-Alarm software works –

Updates & Notifications -

Informs the staff of the upcoming event and/ or action to be taken care of. It keeps you updated with the students' information without actually engaging you in finding or fetching particular data out of the stampede files.

Teachers Access -

Avails the teachers with state of the art technology helping them in managing class-work and assignments, scheduling tests and keeping records of the results. User-friendly interface allows quick navigation through the software without grasping much time for learning its usage.

Student Info Management -

Avails the smart facility to manage day-to-day actions and activities of the student including – homework, classroom performance, attendance, discipline, demographics, scheduling and many more.

Parental Access -

Students' daily administration report and activity information is sent to parents at home. Parents are informed about students' tests results, attendance performances, participations, assignments etc. by sending them notification through app.

Online Registration -

Facilitates you to get the child enrolled via app without actually visiting the school premises. Parents are provided with the provision of online fee payment as well.


School-Alarm grants you the amenities never imagined or expected before. It's the inculcation of new-fangled technology with designs meeting the purpose and comfort for people finding –

  • Complete Web-Based Technology
  • Highly Configurable
  • Well-organized Updates & Notifications System
  • Regular Monitoring & Reporting
  • Infallible Information System

School staffs, teachers, administrations and HR departments are booted with highly co-operative technology-basedsystem for sound management and quick tracing of the students' information.