Event management

Web Based event-management System

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Event & Activity Management

How does it help you

As we know, various types of events are held in all the schools. It is very difficult to plan all those events on paper and get them done. Giving invitations to everyone, preparing a list of all guests, and making a list of speakers and performers. All this work can be done with school - Alarm software

Activity Management System would be suitable to mark the timings of your summer recesses, downtime recesses, long leaves or any other important and unforeseen changes. Also, this can be fluently downloaded in pdf formats online, therefore helping the parents and scholars to always be in the circle about the rearmost changes and keeping them streamlined.

Academics Management

Academic operation in academy ERP can help simplify and streamline a number of processes and tasks for preceptors, directors, and scholars. Then are just a many benefits of using an academic operation system

This further is a blessing for the academy as well as the parents because there's no lagging in updating of information, no gratuitous phone calls to the institution and also instant updation on the details keeping everyone happy.

You can indeed set important forthcoming events and conditioning in your timetable that would further help you to keep your time managed and also streamlined. This helps your academy to stand above the rest.

Indeed monuments can be set which would help to organize the commission, academy authorities etc to help plan everything in time especially when it comes to events like periodic sports day, periodic festivity day, preceptors day or any other important function. You can indeed set monuments for parents schoolteacher meeting and also shoot announcement textbook dispatches to their phones and remind the same.

Our Android app ensures a hassle-free use of all the features in our software. Registration installation is one similar option. You can customize your schedule and help in easing the plan for your academy.

School Alarm Features - School Management System

Your Search for Good School Management Software will end here.

  • Integration With School Alarm - School Management System no extra data entry is required.
  • What's App Message - School Alarm now provides Institution to send whats app message
  • Online Admission
  • Online Enquiry
  • Admission management
  • Maintain track of various fees such as Monthly fee,Admission fee, transport fee, hostel fee etc
  • Student Admission/ payment history
  • Integrate Multiple Dynamic website pages
  • Monitor multiple branches using single login
  • Monitor Multiple branch collection status
  • Maintain Enquiry list
  • Generate Student Examination Admit Card
  • Academic records fee
  • Student fee paid/due/advance record
  • Faculty management
  • Generate Custom Receipt
  • Collection statement
  • Expense Records
  • Collection Vs Expense report
  • Super Admin provision for managing all modules

School Alarm Success Mantra

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