Attendance management

Web Based attendance-management System

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Attendance management System

Remember the olden days when you had attended the school ages ago. The ringing of the teacher's bell mostly signaled the beginning of the school day. As the children entered the school, they 'made their manners' bowing and curtseying to the teacher. Opening exercises began with the Lord's Prayer, Bible reading and roll call.

But alas, those days have gone with the wind. Today's smart and tech-oriented schools have implemented student attendance software where RFID (Radio Frequency ID) takes care of attendance tracking. Akin to a collar fitted with a small radio transmitter that when attached to a wild animal can be used in tracking the animal's movement by radio telemetry, each student will be provided an RFID chip/tag with a magnetic signature, while the chip will be implanted on the student identification card. Attendance will be considered effective when the chip will be placed next to the RFID reader, followed by a beep.

Use of RFID for school attendance is a routine procedure now as every attendance event of each student entering a classroom gets recorded and stored through the process with accurate time and date within the database. Also, this is much appreciated by most school authorities since academic performance of students and reputation of a school are considered co-related with student attendance.

Benefits offered through RFID

  • Customizable software
  • RFID chips/tags are provided
  • Dedicated server
  • Bulk SMS
  • Automatic email alert
  • Client interface

By adapting to this method schools will automatically achieve competitive advantage of monitoring students' activity in the school campus, as also tracking their movement within the school premises. Install RFID today to solve student attendance problem once for all.