Accounts management

Web Based accounts-management System

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Accounts Management

How does it help you

With the help of Accounts Management, you can manage the cash flow of your school digitally. With Accounts Management Module you can create groups, and create a ledger. To check the Sub Day Book of Accounts. You can maintain the total accounting of the school with our School Alarm software without any double entry. With the help of our software, you can check your school's fee reports, transportation fee reports, and salary reports. With the help of the Accounts Management Module, you can see your school's Expenditure and it’s so that you never have any problem in making your school budget.

  • Assiduity specific Map of Accounts
  • Custom objects to record and match your operations specific data
  • Reporting and Analytics including P&L, Balance distance & Trial balance
  • Centers, Divisions and Markers
  • Force recording and robotization
  • Custom tab, bill, journal and sale templates

School Alarm Features - School Management System

Your Search for Good School Management Software will end here.

  • Integration With School Alarm - School Management System no extra data entry is required.
  • What's App Message - School Alarm now provides Institution to send whats app message
  • Online Admission
  • Online Enquiry
  • Admission management
  • Maintain track of various fees such as Monthly fee,Admission fee, transport fee, hostel fee etc
  • Student Admission/ payment history
  • Integrate Multiple Dynamic website pages
  • Monitor multiple branches using single login
  • Monitor Multiple branch collection status
  • Maintain Enquiry list
  • Generate Student Examination Admit Card
  • Academic records fee
  • Student fee paid/due/advance record
  • Faculty management
  • Generate Custom Receipt
  • Collection statement
  • Expense Records
  • Collection Vs Expense report
  • Super Admin provision for managing all modules

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