Why School Administration Software from School-Alarm ?

With the advent of technology, educational world has also become hugely dependent upon several technological solutions. Just because of this condition, it has become vital for every school or college to use latest inventions to match steps with counterparts. Keeping this requirement in mind, brilliant technical minds configured system-friendly school management system - School-Alarm.
The sole purpose of School-Alarm is to help all universities and schools to maintain all data in a safe & secure manner as they can focus more on students' growth and development. To provide a problem free solution, experts carried out extensive research while keeping every requirement in mind. With the help of this modern platform, administration can manage records of all activities and happenings as well as can use this data to improve the efficacy and performance of the system. As a matter of fact, this software exemplifies the perfect team work or innovation and intelligence in a true sense. Actually, it is designed to change the way universities and schools function.
A large array of features of School-Alarm helps to provide the finest link for communication among students, parents, staff members, administration, teachers and other related entities.
Web-based Software

This web-based software runs online. Therefore, it does not require anything additional to function.

Access to logging in

This nicely configured software allows multiple logins for students, parents, teachers and admin. Nevertheless, admin regulates every activity to maintain its efficacy and usefulness.


By making small changes in the settings, you can add or delete anything without any trouble.


This software phenomenally serves everybody with easy to use functions and features. It is simple and easy to the extent that a person even without technical knowledge can operate easily.

Data security

All your entries remain safe & secure with this software as it does not allow strangers to make any change.

Use of server

It is designed in a way that either you can use your own server or hosted server. All depends on your convenience.

24/7 support services

Our customer support system runs round the clock. So, you can reach us anytime over phone.

Inter and intra management activities

With the help of our software, you can manage every school related issue or activity from one place at convenient time.

School-Alarm certainly meets the needs of those who like to manage every issue related to the management or administration with perfection.

None of the school related activities or updates remains out of your reach if you are availing the services of our software. We announce this on the basis of thousands of satisfied clients who find it better to tackle every problem in a problem free way.