Affiliate & Channel Partner

Affiliate & Channel Partner

As the notion of Digital India has caught fire, School Alarm is no less than a pool of opportunities for the educational institutions to grow and manage things efficiently. So, don’t miss the chance to become Affiliate/Channel Partner with us!

With the flawless school management solution at reasonably priced packages, School Alarm offers you an attractive opportunity to promote our brand in the marketplace, while increasing your profitability in terms of earnings and growth.

Choosing this relationship will help you attain business objectives!

  • Who are qualified applicants?

  • 1. Homemakers, Self Employed Individuals, College pass outs, Retired Employees, Teachers, Educationalists, and anyone with good contacts.

    2. Having good presentation and interpersonal skills.

    3. Can interact with others and build a rapport about School Alarm.

  • Who are our relevant prospects?

  • 1. Schools (Pre-primary to K12)

    2. Coaching Institutes

    3. Degree/Diploma Colleges

  • Who are Affiliates?

  • The individuals, groups, or organizations those are willing to market School Alarm and populate its awareness among their contacts so to contribute in overall sales.

  • What are the expenses involved?

  • 1. You need not worry about the prices. You can simple refer and earn.

    2. School Alarm will take care of required training as well as presentation material.

  • Who are Channel Partners?

  • The individuals or organizations that are wiling to market and sell School Alarm along with other products or services as a complimentary offer.

  • What are the expenses involved?

  • 1. Costs in setting up a marketing or sales team.

    2. Preferably an office set up in local premises.

    3. Funds to aid promotion /marketing ads and campaigns.

  • What is in it for you?

  • 1. Lumps of Incentives

    2. Profit sharing (Depends on the category of Channel Partner).

    3. Complete assistance for follow ups as well as deal closures.

    4. Support for website development and its SEO.

    5. No-cost training and presentation materials.

  • Let’s collaborate today!

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