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The advent of the digital era and the development of computer software have enormously changed life on the lonely planet. Things that were previously done manually are now executed more effectively and at a much faster pace through the use of software. No wonder educational institutions like schools now use School Management software for smoother and better operation at half the cost that had to be incurred previously by use of manual labor. There are some school management software that are web based and as a result all information and data are carried out at anywhere with a simple internet connection.

Most modern day school management software are so configured as to tackle all school related activities such as Admission Management, Attendance Management, Examination Management and many more. Also, these software come with customer-friendly settings so the school authorities may customize these if they so desire. However, this post elaborates on the primary management issue, namely Admission Management.

Student Admission Management software has been specially designed for schools, colleges, coaching centers, academic institutes and other forms educational bodies where large number of students come and enroll for learning purposes. With the help of this software you can not only manage admission but also register the enquiry of the student, define course, specify fee structure for each batch, collect requisite fees, generate and print fee receipts, print I-card and other related jobs. Needless to say, this software will turn a back-breaking job into a surprisingly easy computer avocation. Student Admission Management software also maintains student personal as well as family data while providing simplified application process by elimination of routine jobs. It uses a single window entry system for ease of processing.

However, here is a list of some of the useful features that are available with this software:

  • Compatible to run on web
  • Create Batch
  • Reserve Admission
  • Offer Scholarship
  • Admission management
  • Maintain track of various fees such as Admission fee, Monthly fee, special fee, etc
  • Student Admission/ payment history
  • Integrate Multiple braches
  • Monitor multiple branches using single login
  • Monitor Multiple branch collection status
  • Maintain Enquiry list
  • Admit Student
  • Fee defaulters list
  • Student fee record
  • Staff/ faculty management
  • Generate Receipt
  • Collection status
  • Expense Voucher
  • Collection Vs Expense report for a period
  • Super Admin provision for managing fee structure

School-Alarm's Awesome Admission Management ERP Features

Admission Management

Easy to use UI (User Interface) of this software let manage all admission related entries like student admission, fee collection, seat allocation, canceling the admission, issue of transfer certificate and many others in a problem free way

Student Management

Dedicated features of this School management System help to keep eagle eye watch on students' activities and their performance. Detailed report cards could either be generated class-wise or individually.

Attendance Management

This software also allows tracking the attendance of students, staff & teachers. Reports cards can either be generated by their name, category or class. Even staff wise reports are possible.

Fee Management

All fee related issues like collection, discounts, dues, paid and many others could be handled perfectly and accurately with few commands and entries.

Timetable Management

Time table plays a significant role to maintain the discipline in students' life. For the same reason, it let create or maintain the time table in a very effective way.

Examination Management

School-Alarm also proves helpful to generate convenient exam schedule. With few simple commands, it also sends notification to the targeted students and their parents.

HR Management

This highly engineered software brings transparency in the system. With few clicks of mouse, you can check all sales and purchase records within few minutes at any point of time.

Teacher Attendance

This new age solution proves the accurate way to track attendance of all students, teachers and staff. Besides, it helps to generate their reports in a smooth manner and quick time.

Online Fee Payment

From our online fee management solution parents pay their children fees to schools, colleges and institutes through their net banking system.

Library Management

Our customize software for school provides an advanced policy framework for managing and developing the library.Institue easily track the library report.

Online Practice Test

From our school software any school/institute easily conduct test for their students and review the content.

Online Survey

Our school survey software made for school to create easy survey for their teachers, students, course and parents. Register now our software and try demo one month free.

Hostel Management

Hostel management features of this software prove of great use as it tracks all expenses and facilities that prove of great use to curb the additional expenses.

Transport Management

This feature proves of great use to keep all updates of the large fleet of vehicles. Due to this stupendous feature, you easily maintain trips, routes, fee received, dues, fuel charges, etc.

Sell Purchase

Every educational or research institute essentially has to carry out different kinds of sale & purchase exercises at regular interval.

Mail Facility

This facility keeps administration, teachers, students and other staff members connected with each other in a problem free. It simply means school authorities can contact anybody at any point of time

Online chatting

our chatting solution improve communication between prents, student, teachers and adminstrator.parent can chat with teachers or princple to know their children progress.

School Blog

our software allow intstitute/organization to set up their blog and update their features & services. This feature help school to keep update in education industry.

MAIL/SMS Management

From this features adminstrator can sms or mail to the parent if their child's fee due.Parent can easily know school events will held via sms or mail.


School-Alarm provide Account Module for manage daily expanse, daily cash Book , invest , earning report and many more..

GPS Tracking

Our school bus gps tracking solution allow teachers & parents to track the children real time location while travelling to or form school.Our software is easy & customizable

Bio metric

Our Biometric systems operate the automatic identification, verification or authentication of a person. Biometric data include fingerprints, retina, a face or a outline of a hand.

Android App

Our school mobile apps to enhance better communication with parents, students, teachers and administrator. Our customize app allow schools to send messages and notification about activities, events, results and collects fees from the app.

iPhone App

With the advent of technology, educational world has also become hugely dependent upon several technological solutions.

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